Ice Breaker: Ideas to Get New Employees More Comfortable

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Making new employees feel comfortable in a new environment can be challenging for both supervisor and employee alike. However there are ways you can help to break the ice. You can do this by using various ice breaker ideas in the workplace, you can help others to feel as if they are a part of the team. Not only can you get to know them better but they can also learn more about their new workplace, community, coworkers and feel settled in, faster. Making them feel more comfortable, workers will better be able to become more productive team members sooner.

Here are a few classic ice breaker ideas :

The Mentor Approach

Assign a more senior worker or a coworker who has been there for quite some time to be the mentor of the newest workers. If you use this approach you automatically give the new workers others to turn to when they are confused, need advice or just want a friendly face they can trust coming into their new workplace. This is a great ice breaker idea because mentorships can later morph into not only friendships, but also great symbiotic relationships in the workplace that boost happiness, morale, and overall production.

Arrange a Tour

Arrange a special tour for your new workers, this will not only can you show them where they will be working, but also the rest of your offices, business or campus. A tour is another classic ice breaker idea because you can easily give new employees a scope of their work, where they will be working, what equipment they can use and introduce them to more people in important places who may be able to help them later on. Try to lead the tour yourself and keep all new employees together. You can also do individual tours for a more personalized touch. Either way  your employees will thank you for this gesture in the long term. They will not have to come to you each time they need supplies, answers to particular questions or must find a new place.

Get Together

Great ice breaker ideas incorporate both fun and work. Think about having a get together in honor of your new employees. Feel free to invite everyone they will be working with or important people within the firm or team they need to meet and know. Throwing them a party or just having a lunch in their honor can make them feel more welcomed at home and as if they belong. Regular events for new groups of employees, new teams or at a set time interval each year is always a good idea. Feel free to incorporate other ice breaker ideas into these fun events.

Games as Ice-Breakers

Many times, games are a fantastic way to meet one another. Fun games that are meant to make a team feel closer to one another or get better acquainted quickly are called ice breakers. There are many ice breaker ideas to choose from. One of the classic is called four facts, in this each person tells three truths about themselves and one lie. Others then choose which is not true until they get it right. Another fantastic way to get to know one another is by getting up and moving. Try the ice breaker called dance moves. In this game everyone stands in a circle the first person introduces themselves, then accompanies the introduction with a fun movement or dance move. The next person in the circle also introduces themselves, does a move then recounts the name and dance move of the first person in line. Each participant repeats this process, introducing themselves doing a dance move, then repeating the names and dance moves of all previously introduced. There are many other fun ice breaker ideas. Just look for them online or in ice breaker books.

Working with One Another

Finally assign one project or task for all new employees to do together or for a new employee to complete on their own. When you do this you are giving the new employee responsibility from the get-go. Responsibility assures that your employees feel at least some amount of buy-in to the company at even the very start of their career there. In order to complete this task, they will have to, in part navigate their own way and also ask others for help.

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